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Geek Fam ID

Geek Fam ID

Tim Esports

Geek FAM adalah Organisasi Esports dari negara tetangga Malaysia, yang membuka cabang di Indonesia.

Negara: Indonesia
Status: Aktif
Pelatih: MxMoore
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Terakhir diubah: Feb 27, 2021

Sejarah Tim

Founded by Keat and Joseph in 2016, Geek Fam has been rising, well on its way to becoming one of the prominent names in the competitive arena of Asia’s esports scene. The team started off their journey by sending their Dota2 team to the ESL One Genting, making it into the finals of the Phase 2 Qualifiers. This is followed by constant invitations to some of the biggest Dota2 tournaments such as The Kyiv Major, Epicenter, The Summit 7 and The International.

Building on the success with the Dota2 squad, Geek Fam has continued to acquire skilled players for various games to add to the Fam, making their presence in Esports much more prominent. This includes teams for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG, and also PUBG Mobile.

Creating a warm atmosphere of mutual support and respect, Geek Fam’s founders are constantly involved in the team’s progress, thoughtfully planning out and analyzing strategies together to further improve their performance in the competitive gaming arena. As a result of this, the Geeks continue strongly motivated to play hard, to be one of the world’s top esports teams, and to establish Geek Fam as one of the top brands out there.

Geek Fam is more than just a team. They are a bunch of young, passionate and motivated geeks who want to take the esports standard to the next level.